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Turbo - In Memoriam
6/9/94 - 10/23/06
Turbo passed away quietly on a Monday morning at home, 2 weeks after being diagnosed with lymphoma cancer.
He was a beloved pet and companion with lots of personality.

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1995                         October 2006
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(While he was alive...) Hi. I'm an 12 year old Miniature Pinscher, (Min Pin for short). My full name is Kiba Dachi Turbo Trotter. Even though I only weigh 12 pounds, I'm big at heart. I can take any dog in the neighborhood. I come from a long line of champion Min Pins. I like to eat, chew the tail of one of my cats; (till she passed away), eat, sleep, eat, run around like crazy, eat, have the big guy in the house give me a massage, and eat.
And oh yeah, did I mention that I'm food motivated?

Austion - In Memoriam
4/19/99 - 2/26/13
Austin passed away peacefully on a Tuesday afternoon at his Vet's office.  He was probably the oldest Weimaraner ever.
He was a gentle giant to Turbo, then Corey.  He was a lovable and loyal pet.

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(While he was alive...) I'm Austin, a 14 year old Weimaraner. My friend Turbo rented me some web space.
I weigh 80 pounds, but Turbo was still my "big brother."
Now I am "big brother" to Cory!


September 2007
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(When he first arrived...)  Hi. I'm a 15 month old Min Pin.  Even though I only weigh 7 pounds, I'm in charge around here!

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The MinPin (Miniature Pinscher)

The article below is written by someone who obviously knows minpins!
When I read it, I thought to myself, " does she know Turbo and Corey!"

Original article (by anne b) with replies may be viewed at:

Any tips on owning a "MinPin" (miniature pinscher)?

Minpins are great dogs! They are, however, not recommended for the first time dog owner. 
They need to be obedience trained, and are rather challenging in the potty training area.
There is a breed book series by Terra Nova that has a book about minpins. It is probably 
the very best breed specific book I have ever read about pins. It goes into the detail of 
every aspect of taking care of your pin as well as how to train, what genetic diseases to 
look out for, and how to handle behavior issues.
If you are truly considering a pin, you must be prepared to:

Sleep with one shoved up against you all night under the covers.
Protect intruders from the "attack" pin-they are very protective.
Play quite often-pins love tug toys and things that squeak.
Be prepared to remove the dead toads and shrews from your home.
Have plenty of beds and blankies around the house at all times.
Give up on keeping them off the backs of the furniture.
Learn to give treats in moderation so the pin doesn't blow up like a balloon.
Keep all of your counters completely cleaned off at all times.
Put away all stuffed animals.
Make sure your yard is fenced-once out, you will never see yours dog again.
Buy a special martingale collar-pins love to slip out of their collars.
Learn to watch TV with a dog surgically attached to your lap.
Be prepared for your dog to challenge every bigger dog in the neighborhood.
Start thinking about another pin. Pins love to run in packs.

On a serious note, many of these little guys are dumped every day because of lack of 
training and lack of research done by the owner before purchasing. Please do your research 
before you leap. Your dogwill appreciate it, and I wont have to worry about another dog 
coming into rescue.

These "Rules for being a Minpin" may help:

1. A Minpin has two settings, snore and frenzy.
2. All destinations must be reached by first stepping on a human.
3. Wherever a human is about to sit - a Minpin must already be.
4. A Minpin must jump into the lap of any human that sits down, and then back on the floor 
and then back into the lap then back onto the floor before retuning to previous location.
5. When a human is carrying anything that might possibly be food a Minpin must jump 
repeatedly into the air as close to the human as possible.
6. Any item a human has must be investigated vigorously with feet and nose (especially 
any piping hot liquid)
7. A Minpin must own at least 10 chew items
8. If a Minpin has less than 10 chew items, any item in the house up to one half the 
Minpin’s weight may be confiscated for the purpose of a chew item.
9. Any item smaller than the size of two golf balls must be swallowed.
10. Regardless of the ambient temperature, a Minpin must locate and absorb as much heat 
as possible.
11. Any cat that will knock small items to the floor for digestion may be considered a friend.
12. All cats must be chased around the house at breakneck speed at random intervals.
13. Dog dishes should be emptied in less than 11 seconds.
14. Dog food may be eaten slowly if spread out on the carpet covered in saliva.
15. Any putrid piece of compost is preferable to dog food
16. Laser points should be chased until all energy reserves in dog and laser are expended.
17. Those small creatures Minpin’s were born to hunt and eat should be chased into a catonic 
state of exhaustion but not harmed in any way so they can be chased again once they are rested. 
( It may be necessary to locate such creatures while outside and carry them inside).
18. All Minpins should perfect a “quizzical” look to be employed while standing perfectly still 
as your human calls your name over and over.
19. A Minpin must spin around at least 5 times before pooping.
20. With the acres and acres of carpet available in the average house – it is never necessary to 
“hold it.”
21. A Minpin’s brain may not be larger than its mouth.
22. No matter how many episodes of the Dog Whisperer your human watches - always behave like a 
rabid weasel when around other dogs.
23. A Minpin must love all humans because they are the ones that allow us to live outside the 
laws of natural selection

Good luck!

Check back later for more of my friends, like Seth the Siamese cat, Cleopatra the ferret, and the box turtles...


Rin Tin Tin

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