Object Lessons - By Bill Mazeika

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Having something to see, hear, or touch can enhance the learning experience for someone of any age.
I will share some ideas, tips, and lessons you can use to hold the interest of your students.

God Changes Everything
(God Can Turn Bad To Good)
Filling a jar with water dramatically reverses a situation - right before your eyes
Real Value
(Hidden Treasure / Real Beauty)
Using geodes, demonstrate hidden beauty and value
Be Conformed... To What?
(Be Like Jesus)
3-D example of conforming
Firefly: Miracle Of Creation An insect that makes it's own light!
The Invisible World Around Us
(Prism: Lets ou see what is normally invisible)
The Army Of Angels
God Holds The World Together Using magnets to demonstrate a Biblical Principle
God Created All Things Animals: Part Of God's Great Creation
The Animals On Noah's Ark An activity to draw pairs of animals
Use The Owner's Manual Use light bulbs connected to the wrong, then proper voltage to demonstrate consequences
Science-Based Gifts Birthday party with a theme



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