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Life On Mars
Can We Take Genesis Literally?

"Miracle Of Creation" -
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Creation Science Resource List

compiled by Bill Mazeika

Contents below:
Book / Magazine List
Organizations / Web Resources

Book / Magazine List

General / Intro
Morris/Parker		What Is Creation Science		0-89051-081-4
Morris			Men Of Science, Men Of God	0-89051-080-6

Morris			The Genesis Record		0-8010-6004-4
Moreland		The Creation Hypothesis	
Lubenow		                Bones of Contention		
Denton			Evolution: A Theory in Crisis
Denton			Of Pandas And People
Behe			Darwin’s Black Box		0-684-82754-9
Humphreys		Starlight And Time		                0-89051-202-7
Gish			Evolution: The Fossils Say No	0-89051-057-1
DeYoung		                Astronomy And The Bible		0-8010-2991-0
Bliss/Parker/Gish		The Origin Of Life		                0-89051-053-9
Bliss, Parker, Gish	                Fossils: Key To The Present 	0-89051-058
Bird			The Origin Of Species Revisited  
			(Volumes 1 & 2) 
Cuozzo			Buried Alive			0-89051-238-8

Johnson			Defeating Darwinism		0-8308-1360-8	
Johnson			Darwin On Trial		
Johnson			Reason In The Balance	
Johnson			Objections Sustained		
Scott			Basic Christianity		
Lewis			Mere Christianity		
Gish/Wilson		Manipulationg Life, 
			Where Does It Stop		0-89051-071-7
Ham			The Lie				0-89051-117-9

Rue			Bomby The Bombardier Beetle	0-932766-13-7
Ernst			Hummy And The Wax Castle	0-932766-14-5
Parker			Dry Bones And Other Fossils	0-89051-056-3
Taylor			The Great Dinosaur Mystery 
			& The Bible			0-89051-114-4
Morris			Noah’s Ark And The Lost World	0-89051-138-1
Gish			Dinosaurs, Those Terrible Lizards	0-89051-039-3	


"Creation Ex Nihilo Magazine"
(great layman magazine - with children’s section) $22/yr quarterly issues
Creation Science Ministries P.O.Box 6330 Florence, Kentucky 41022 
(800) 350-3232

"Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal"
(In depth technical magazine) $25/yr
Creation Science Ministries P.O.Box 6330 Florence, Kentucky 41022 
(800) 350-3232

Organizations / Web Resources

When contacting them, mention this web page

Institute For Creation Research
P.O.Box 2667 El Cajon, CA 92021
619-448-0900 voice / 619-448-3469 FAX
The Museum of Creation and Earth History / ICR Graduate School
"Back to Genesis" seminars
10946 Woodside Ave. North Santee, CA 92071
FREE Items = monthly newsletter "Acts & Facts"
devotional guide "Days of Praise", Resource catalog
ICR (their Web page)

Master Books
P.O.Box 727 Green Forest, AZ 72638
800-999-3777 870-438-5288 FAX = 870-438-5120
FREE Catalog of creation science books, videos, etc...
email =

Answers in Genesis (Ken Ham)
P.O.Box 6330 Florence, Kentucky 41022 800-350-3232
"Answers In Genesis" seminars
FREE monthly newsletter and catalog
Christian Answers (their Web page)

Creation Science Evangelism (Kent Hovind)
29 Cummings Rd. Pensacola, FL 32503
850-479-DINO (3466) / 850-479-8562 FAX
Speaker / Teacher on creation
FREE catalog of books and videos...
Creation Science Evangelism (web page)
Dr. Kent Hovind

Creation Research Society
P.O. Box 8263 St. Joseph, MO 64508-8263
(has world-wide listing of creationist organizations)

Associates for Biblical Research
31 E. Frederick St, Suite 468, Walkersville, MD 21793-8234
800-430-0008 FAX = 301-898-9358
email =

Creation Science Encyclopedia
PO Box 300 Altamont, TN 37301

Creation Science Facts
Developed by professional engineers and computer scientists employed in the telecommunications industry.

The C.S. Lewis Society (Professor Tom Woodward)
2430 Welbilt Blvd, New Port Richey, Florida 34655
727-376-6911  newsletter, video interviews


When contacting them, mention this web page

For comments or questions, send email to