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Valley Community Baptist Church (VCBC)- Kensington, CT
Wellspring Church - Kensington, CT
Baptist General Conference
Northeast Baptist General Conference
Wintonbury Baptist Church - Bloomfield, CT
Grace Baptist Chruch - Bristol, CT
First Baptist Church of Hartford, CT (now = First Cathedral in Bloomfield)
First Church of Christ, Wethersfield, CT
Bethel Christian Church - Bristol, CT
Willow Creek Community Church - South Barrington, IL
Church Surf Connecticut Directory - Alphabetical Listing
Connecticut Churches


New Sound Concerts
Christian Music Online
DC Talk
Phil Driscol
Michael Kelly Blanchard

Ministries / Reference
Josh McDowell
Our Daily Bread
Jack Van Impe Ministries
Christian Answers Network         
Reverend Fun
Christian Movie Reviews
Screen-It Movie Reviews
Bible Gateway
Promise Keepers

Christian Events
Creation Science

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